This Supercut Shows All The Most Tear-Jerking Movie Scenes

In case you're a sadistic person who would like to completely fall to pieces this afternoon, this collection of sad movie scenes should accomplish that within the span of 10 minutes and 47 seconds. Actually, we'd bet on less than half that time. If Owen Wilson's speech to his dying dog in Marley & Me doesn't do it, Mufasa's death in The Lion King definitely will. Other selections included in the clip, compiled by video creator Burger Fiction, include ET's departure in ET, Jack's death in Titanic, and Bambi's fruitless search for his mom. They all seem to involve some form of death or departure. But if you ask us, the biggest tear-jerkers are the scenes with animals.
Why do we put ourselves through this? Lord knows. But there's a reason these movies are popular in the first place. Sometimes, you just need a good cry. Now, you can get all the cries you'll ever need in one video.

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