Her Class Dressed As Princesses, She Came As A Hot Dog

Princess costumes are fun, if that's your thing. But one girl caught our eye by finding a way to be princess-cute and subvert gender stereotypes at the same time. When her dance class declared it "Princess Day" back in May, she left Elsa at home and came dressed as a hot dog. The image of #hotdogprincess was captured on Twitter and she's since become an icon of nonconformists everywhere.
"Best part is it was all her idea!" the girl's dad, Brandon Turner, shared on Twitter after her photo had gone viral. He also clarified that she's never watched Adventure Time, so this is not an homage to the cartoon character of the same name and, uh, body type. Later, at a dance recital, she was asked onstage about her unconventional choice:
Score one for Team Ketchup!

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