Is This Why Justin Bieber Is Sucking On A Pacifier?

As an unofficial Justin Bieber expert, even I am baffled by the Biebs' latest stunt. Let me preface this by saying that young Justin Bieber is my personal favorite Bieber. His floppy hair and mad skills on the drums are the stuff of legends (they even low-key inspired Popstar). But this, this just isn't right. Biebs has really been babying it up lately. The singer has been spotted numerous times around the world (literally) sucking on a pacifier. Yes, he's 22. Yes, it is pretty baffling. No, they don't sell them with his tour merch. Yet.
Here he is with said pacifier on a dock.

My brothers @alfredoflores @nickdemoura

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And again in France.
And once more.

says Bieber could be incorporating it into his look as a style nod to the '90s, when club rats used to suck on the baby accessory to stop from grinding their teeth while they were on various drugs. Others, like the Twitter user above, are saying it has to do with oral affixation and is part of Bieber's quest to quit smoking cigarettes. He wouldn't be the first. Model and actress Elizabeth Hurley also used a pink pacifier to try to kick her smoking habit back in 2000, when Bieber was actually a baby himself. However, it didn't work for her. Bieber himself has not offered explanation for the pacifier, but if it is his effort to ditch smoking, then I wish him the best of luck.

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