Is Versailles The Sexiest Show On TV?

The BBC drama Versailles, which provides a glimpse into the rise of Louis XIV's Versailles court, premiered in the U.K. Wednesday night. And if you look at the reviews, one major consensus emerges. The Daily Mail calls the drama "racy" and the central character "libidinous." The Mirror says it's "VERY graphic." The Telegraph describes it as "steamy." Several publications including The Mirror and The Daily Mail quote an unnamed critic characterizing the show as "porn dressed up in a cravat and tights." We get the point. This one will not be appropriate for family TV nights. David Wolstencroft, one of the show's writers, said in a strangely defensive interview with The Telegraph that "if you look at all of those so-called sex scenes, and by the way there really aren’t that many, if you count them, you will discover that the sizzle is not the steak." From the reviews, though, it sounds like these "so-called sex scenes" are really just sex scenes. That's okay! If Game of Thrones is any indication, people eat up sex-filled historical dramas. The show premieres in the U.S. on Ovation in October, according to Deadline, so if you've been looking to watch some "so-called sex scenes" on TV, you'll have to deal with some delayed, er, gratification.

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