4 Easy Hacks For Gourmet Grilled Cheese

The grilled cheese is a sandwich classic. This sandwich, in its humblest form, has fueled us from childhood through high school, college, and even into our adult years. Requiring little to no prep and calling for the simplest of ingredients, it has become our tried and true go-to for an affordable, fast, and easy comfort food meal. Although we're more than happy to munch on the pure, classic form of the favorite (i.e., just bread, cheese, and butter), trying a couple of new cheesy hacks never hurt anyone.
If you are stumped on how exactly to spice things up between your buttered bread slices, we have got you covered with four recipes to take your grilled cheese to gourmet levels. From combos like cheddar, bacon, and maple syrup to brie, balsamic glaze, and berries, your relationship with the simple sammy will never be the same.
Click on for the sure-fire formulas that are sure to keep your love affair with this cheesy comfort dish aflame and going strong for years to come — and tell us about your creative concoctions in the comments below!

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