Update: Vine Star Rep Says He Wasn’t The One Requesting Nude Fan Selfies

Update: A rep for Jacob Sartorius has reached out to Refinery29 saying that Sartorius did not send the messages to his fan via Facebook. The account was made by an imposter, who created a fake page with Sartorius' name and picture. The rep also included the following statement from Facebook: "The alleged messaging from Jacob's Facebook account took place on January 29, 2016. Jacob, in fact, did not have any Facebook account until March 18, 2016, when he visited Facebook HQ in San Francisco and they set up his first Facebook account." This story was originally published on May 31 at 4:15 p.m. Parents have been warning their children about making friends on the internet since the days of AOL chatrooms. But now, with more and more young adults becoming famous online themselves, through social platforms like Snapchat, Vine, Instagram, and YouTube, there's a whole new type of internet interaction to be wary of. One such budding internet star, 13-year-old Jacob Sartorius, is now being slammed for requesting nude pictures from a fan through Facebook direct message. The young boy, who recently released his first single titled "Sweatshirt," which happens to be about a girl who is not ready for his kiss, apparently messaged a fan enticing her to send him photos of herself naked, or at least in a bra and underwear. Twitter page Music News & Facts shared screenshots of the exchange between the 13-year-old and his fan, writing, "Vine star and singer-wannabe, @jacobsartorius is disgusting for trying to force a fan to send nudes of herself."
According to screenshots of the alleged conversation, Sartorius tells the girl to send him nudes, or he will be "annoyed."
The internet is reacting as one might expect upon reading the above exchange. Many are calling the kid "garbage," and others are questioning who he even is.
It appears that the girl who received the messages from Sartorius is Twitter user @luhsrupp. She originally uploaded a video and screenshots of the conversation with Sartorius in March of 2016.
Sartorius has yet not addressed the flood of critical messages, instead tweeting that he would be following back his Twitter followers today. According to his previous tweets, he is very much desperate for a girlfriend. Demanding nude pictures, however, is far from the key to a girl's heart.

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