21 Stories About “Taking A Break” & How It Can Affect A Relationship

If Friends taught us anything, it's that "taking a break" isn't simple — and it doesn't mean the same thing to everyone. It could just as easily mean putting a relationship completely on hold or just spending some time apart (while remaining monogamous and committed). And there are countless reasons why a couple might take a break in the first place. Maybe they want to revitalize their relationship, or try being on their own, or maybe they aren't sure about their feelings anymore. Like we said, taking a break can be tricky. And it's only natural that these breaks might lead to mixed feelings on either side of the relationship. As one person posted to secret-sharing app Whisper about her relationship break: "I don't know whether I want to cry or scream, 'Thank Jesus.'" Another wrote: "I'm trying to be cool, but I'm secretly heartbroken." As difficult as it may be, taking a break will hopefully help the couple figure out what they need to do next — and what might be best for the relationship. Our unprofessional advice? Ask your partner what a "break" means for you two before deciding to take one yourselves. Below, we've rounded up 21 stories, via Whisper, about the many realities of "taking a break."
For once, I want to be chased, I
Feeling so much anxiety from this relationship. We
My boyfriend and I are on a break to relieve the stress in our lives and honestly, it just makes me want him more....
My boyfriend and I are on a "break" I miss him so much. I hope this all works out and we can be happy together.
My boyfriends wants to take a break. I don
I love my boyfriend, but we
My girlfriend wants to take a break.. I
So my boyfriend and I are taking a "break" for a week. I
Taking a break. Feel lighter now. Now we can both try to fix ourselves then work on a relationship.
After being with my boyfriend for years we decided to take a break, and it actually feels good not being together
Me and my gf are on a break and I
My boyfriend and I are taking a break and honestly I
My bf and I are taking a break from our relationship but he wants to come over later. I want to see him but seeing each other is not what a break is about.
My girlfriend of 4years just told me she wants to take a break. I
Decided to take a break, and now he finds every reason to talk to me.. If he had talked before, we wouldnt be on a break.
Taking a break with my girlfriend of 4 years. I
My boyfriend and I are on a break. He said we wouldn
My boyfriend wants to take a break so he can sleep with other women and "get it out of his system." I feel like I
My boyfriend said that he wants to go on a break for a week. I
My girlfriend and I are taking a "break". I

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