This State Loves Ice Cream The MOST

Who loves ice cream the most, at least according to Twitter? The micro-blogging site did the math about which states have the most tweets related to ice cream and which were the favorite flavors. Now, we know, quantifiably, who REALLY loves ice cream and needs some right now. It turns out that Nevada screams for ice cream the loudest on Twitter. Alabama and Texas round out the top three for tweets about the cool, creamy treat. Brownie was the favorite flavor in all of the top three states, but only after you take out chocolate and vanilla, which are always the most popular. Cookie dough was the favorite in Kansas and Indiana, numbers four and five on the list. There were also strong showings for coffee and strawberry. Coffee, not surprisingly, is the top pick in the caffeine culture of the Pacific Northwest. Strawberry dominates both down south, in Florida, and way up north, in Alaska. New Jersey, Delaware, and Maine just had to be different, preferring mint chocolate. No need to wait for the official start of summer before hitting the local ice cream shop for your favorite. Just one question, though. What happens if you have brownie ice cream on a brownie? Asking for a friend.

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