Margot Robbie Takes A Bath, Pokes Fun At Herself For Red Nose Day

Margot Robbie took a very special bath that saw her spoofing her small scene in The Big Short — all in the name of Red Nose Day. Just as she does in Oscar-nominated movie, Robbie disrobed and stepped into the bath. But instead of explaining the financial crisis to the world in the simplest of terms, she lays out the particulars of Red Nose Day. “So, a lot of people have been asking what Red Nose Day is about, and it seems, for reasons that are very hard to understand, that the best place for me to answer this is in the bathtub,” Robbie says surrounded by bubbles with a glass of champagne in her hand.
As Robbie goes on to explain, Red Nose Day uses comedy to help raise money for kids in need. So, basically the joke's on you if you thought it had anything to do with seeing Robbie naked. “It has everything to do with raising money and making people laugh," Robbie explains. "And it has absolutely nothing to do with bathtubs, shampoo, conditioner, soap, champagne, or nudity.” Despite the fact that Robbie then pulls a basketball and a rubber chicken out of the bath, it has nothing to do with those two things, either. Robbie wasn't the only celebrity who did her part to raise money for kids here in the U.S. and across the globe. The cast of The Walking Dead attempted to lighten up a little bit with a special episode that features sparkly backup dancers, a 16-minute drum solo, and two Han Solos.
Paul Rudd played basketball with Blake Griffin, donating $5,000 for every three-pointer the L.A. Clipper made. And boy, did Griffin make a lot of them.
Comedy duo Key & Peele competed in a battle over who was more generous that somehow ended with them eating a dead rat. Perhaps donating a little cash would have been just fine, but we appreciate their commitment to giving back.
Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher left their antics at home and showed up to man the phones during the night's telethon. Kutcher broadcasted live from Facebook, answering questions from fans while drinking a little red wine. But it was Kunis who seemed to have the most important question of the night, specifically what the heck Kutcher was doing. Unfortunately, Kutcher did not get into a bathtub to explain Facebook Live to her. According to the Associated Press, when Red Nose Day was all said and done, more than $30 million was raised for children's charities.

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