Your Horoscope This Week — May 29 2016

Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
You're here, you're there, you're everywhere! This week could be more randomizing than Trump's campaign "plan." This week, five heavenly bodies get in formation and mess with our minds. How? They'll pull us in so many directions. This Grand Cross, as astrologers call it (because if you drew lines between the planets, it would literally make a cross shape), involves a battle between the sun and Venus in flirty, flighty Gemini versus uptight Saturn in high-minded Sagittarius; plus, a showdown between go-getter Jupiter in Virgo and worrywart Neptune in Pisces. Should we surge forward or stall? Tease or withhold? The way to make it through this jumbled energy is to stay flexible and "in the now." The only thing constant will be change this week, but this fast-moving energy can also be exciting — especially for anyone who's been stuck in a rut. But don't jump to step G before finding the path between steps A and B.
On Saturday, cooperation returns as a guiding principle, thanks to the annual new moon in Gemini. Get the #twinning game going, too! Finding common ground and kindred spirits will be a snap; and joining forces could turn strong individuals into a triple threat by the corresponding full moon on December 13. Gemini governs communication, information, and transportation, too. Get vocal about ideas, start writing that novel, or dive into a research mission. Whether you’re test-driving electric cars or researching stats for a PowerPoint presentation, it always helps to start on an informed note, right?

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