How Did We Miss This Extremely NSFW Hey Arnold Moment?

Finding hidden sexual innuendos within children's cartoons has become a popular internet pastime. But Vine user ReLdatMaN just discovered an NSFW moment in a cherished '90s show of our youth, Hey Arnold, that is not the least bit hidden. Not-safe-for-work may be a misnomer, actually, given that it was apparently deemed safe for children.

Arnold and Helga are inside someone's house at a social gathering, and outside the window, one kid is standing behind another one while eating something in a way that looks highly suspicious. Is it what it looks like?

If it seemed to you like the kid outside the window was eating the other one's butt, you're definitely not alone. After the scene was shared on Twitter, a lot of people had the same reaction — but someone pointed out what it was probably supposed to be instead.
Makes a lot more sense now, huh? Still, we like the first interpretation better.


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