The Heartwarming Reason This Artist Is Giving Kids Airbrushed Tattoos

New Zealand artist Benjamin Lloyd posted an image on Facebook Sunday stating that he'd temporarily tattoo every patient at Auckland's Starship Children's Hospital if his post received 50 likes. 450,000-plus likes later, and his body art is quickly winning over the hearts, skulls, and sleeves of internet users worldwide.

According to Bored Panda, Lloyd has been airbrushing murals and city walls for the past 10 years, and after the sudden death of his stepson two years ago, began airbrushing non-permanent tattoos on children. As a tribute to his late stepson, he's continued the initiative by bringing happiness to suffering children. "Nothing brings me more joy than boosting kids' confidence with a custom tattoo,” he writes on Facebook. (Roses, butterflies, race cars, and sunrises are just a few of his most popular requests.)

For all of the eyebrow-raising adults out there, fear not, the airbrush process is entirely safe. Lloyd uses stencils and a water-soluble, plant-based ink to render his creations. "The only bad thing is that [the kids] don't want to take a shower afterwards," he writes. Which, in the grand scheme of problems these badass little warriors have, is pretty minor. Three cheers to this goodwilled and talented Kiwi, eh?

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