The True Story Behind Pink’s Name Is Not At All What You Think

Photo Credit: Pascal Le Segretain / Staff.
Do you know who Alecia Beth Moore is? No? Yes, you do. She's Pink.
The 36-year-old singer may have a rotating array of rainbow hair colors, but she's always been Pink to her fans. And because of her love for dying her 'do, it's long been assumed that her nickname, and stage name, derived from "pink" hair. But a bit more thought went into her nickname than just looking in the mirror at her coif. The singer addressed her moniker's backstory on today's Good Morning America, while promoting her new song, "Just Like Fire," which is featured in the new film Alice Through the Looking Glass. In fact, she says at the time of her name's conception, her hair was green. When asked about the roots of her rosy name, the singer said there were “lots and lots and lots of reasons.” She jokingly admitted that some of them were "inappropriate." One of the main sources of inspiration for her famous moniker? "Reservoir Dogs," she said. Who knew Pink and her friends were Quentin Tarantino fans? In the film, Steve Buscemi plays a main character who is given the alias "Mr. Pink" during a bank heist. Buscemi's character is unhappy with his name, immediately questioning the ring leader why he was given such that particular color. He responds, "Mr. Pink, be grateful that you're not Mr. Yellow." Hey Pink, we're grateful you didn't choose Yellow, either.

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