This Harry Potter Remix of Beyoncé’s “Hold Up” Is Glorious

The magic of Lemonade and the spells and potions of Harry Potter have converged to create the internet's most perfect "Hold Up" parody. Potterhead and Beyhive member Dominique Taylor wrote and recorded "Wand Up," a remix of the Lemonade track that finds Bey questioning her lover's fidelity. In "Wand Up," Taylor recasts Hermione and Ron Weasley as the song's Yoncé and Jay Z. Hermione confronts Ron in the song, reminding him that if he keeps trying her patience, she'll be "off with Victor Krum too." The video's intro title card teases the lovers' quarrel: "Sometime between their fifth and sixth year at Hogwarts, Hermione, the brightest witch of the wizarding world, completely lost her mind over Ron."
Taylor told Bustle that she's been a Potter fan since grade school, and that a lot of her creativity today is spent "trying to bridge the gap between the two worlds." Her mastery of both Bey and Hogwarts is the remix's greatest charm. "Wand Up" fluidly moves between pop culture jokes — "How Sway?" — and Potter references, both obvious and obscure. Taylor's lyrics are clever, but much like the song's Lemonade counterpart, the words are also coy and sweet: "Can't you see they're using spell traps and potions / But our love was chosen / A vow that can't be broken."

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