The Bachelorette Already Has A Villain & A Front-Runner

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Last night's Bachelorette premiere hit all the bases. There were plenty of puns (a "little toast" was kind of amusing). There were drunk contestants making fools of themselves (with Daniel's antics adding at least a few more months to the lifespan of the "Damn, Daniel" meme). But most importantly, both a villain and a potential winner emerged.
This season's mustache-twirling bad guy (though not the one who actually showed up in a fake mustache) is definitely Chad. While most of the guys were battling nerves (to varying degrees of success), Chad looked upon his fellow contestants with disdain. He didn't like their costumes (especially that kilt), he didn't like their "gimmicks," and he was vocal about the fact that he didn't see these men as real competition. He mocked the others for having "feelings," a definite red flag for people on a show about finding true love.
The moment that solidified Chad's reign as the true mean dude of season 12 was when he explained that if you want to talk to JoJo, you have to "do what you have to do." That's basically another way of saying that he's not here to make friends. And I don't see Chad making anyone a friendship bracelet.
On a more upbeat note (at least for JoJo), a clear front-runner emerged on the first night, even as she had to comfort some who felt they were back at an awkward middle school dance (and corral tipsy contestants who barged into her private confessional). When she kissed former pro quarterback Jordan, after he returned for a second chat following what he felt was a terrible missed opportunity, JoJo described the lip-lock as perfect. Her quick review? "Now, that was a kiss." So it was no surprise when she gave him the first impression rose. Chad may not see him as a threat (mostly because Chad is the worst), but obviously, as of now, Jordan is the guy to beat.
But there are still plenty of opportunities and potential upsets that could even find "Damn, Daniel," who survived the first elimination, becoming a top contender.

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