Genius Punished Cheating Ex With Game Of Thrones Spoilers

Image: Via HBO.
Prepare to be highly amused. A Reddit user put out a call for help, asking for ideas on how to stop his ex-girlfriend from ruining Game of Thrones for him every week. Turns out, said dude had been cheating on his former lady. They broke up when she found out — and she blocked him across all social media. Except for a brief period of time every Monday, that is, when she would unblock him in order to bombard him with spoilers from Sunday night's Game of Thrones episodes. (Cheating homeboy lives abroad and accesses episodes one day after we get them stateside.) "She's blocked me on everything, but briefly unblocks me every Monday to send me Game of Thrones spoilers before I can watch it," he wrote on the since-deleted thread. "How can I get her to stop?" Spoiler: You probably can't. This is the kind of vengeance that has to work itself out on its own. She sends him messages with spoilers via Facebook, over text, and even via texts from random friends' phones. This girl is diabolical, in the very best way. She's even posed as myriad hot-girl strangers online in order to get her cheating ex to open up spoiler messages. Pretty sneaky — and, we have to say, we think the Queen of Dragons would be proud. And we're not exactly feeling sorry for the cheater in the situation. He brought this on himself.

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