McDonald’s Made Green Burgers To Promote Angry Birds

Photo: Courtesy of McDonalds.
It’s been seven years since Angry Birds first had us staring at our phones, trying to help Kamikaze pilot birds save an egg from pigs. So, sure, 2016 is the perfect time for a full-length animated movie to create a plot from the nonsensical, seemingly past-its-prime phone game. And what do all self-respecting animated movies need? A fast food tie-in, of course. In the states, this means some branding on cups and wrappers, as well as Happy Meal toys at McDonald's. But in China, the synergy has been taken to the next level with a terrifying green burger. The burger, inspired by the green pigs of Angry Birds, has a pork patty, egg, lettuce, “mystery sauce,” and jalepeños. As with many freakishly colored foods, it might be best to not think too hard about it, but is it made out of pork because the pigs have been vanquished and turned into burgers? Or does it contain egg because the pigs have finally succeeded in making off with the egg, which they are now free to eat? Then again, there's also egg on the Super Red burger, inspired by the red angry bird, which also contains a chicken patty, “fiery pepper mayo," and lettuce.
Oh my god, were the birds just trying to rescue the egg…so they could eat it? Am I thinking too hard about this? Would seeing the movie answer my questions? And, more importantly, what color are these horrifying burgers going to turn our poo? (Mashable)

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