Watch What It’s Like When Ryan Gosling Drives Your Uber

Jonathan Hordle/REX/Shutterstock
Drive was a great movie, but the number of heists in the greater Los Angeles area is a severe limitation on The Driver’s total income. Even though, as City of Quartz describes, Los Angeles’ freeway system made it the first city of bank robbery, there just aren’t enough banks to make a stable living.

Enter Uber.

Drive 2: The Uber Years Official Trailer
hypothesizes that Gosling’s character has given up his life of crime for a life of ridesharing. And the results are spectacular.

That isn’t the real Ryan Gosling (though it does look like him if you’re not really paying attention) but the situations that he finds himself in are all too familiar. The constant parade of drunk and unruly passengers, the low wages, and the constant need to borrow $50 from his neighbor, etc.

Though there isn’t any elevator stomp-out, there is the consumption of the world’s saddest banana. Even Justin Bieber might not be too jazzed on Gosling after this.

If nothing else, this video proves that we should be nicer to our Uber drivers. You never know when they're out-of-work criminal geniuses that can help you pull off a major bank job.

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