Parents Can Become Big Babies In This Adult-Sized Stroller

Babies are great at a lot of things: being cute, wearing onesies, playing peek-a-boo. But one thing they’re not great at? Communicating. Sure, they can give you a general sense of how they’re feeling based on tears or smiles, but they can’t really expand much past that.

So, when it comes to things like stroller comfort, new parents are in the dark as to what the stroller really feels like for the baby. That is, until now.

Kolcraft, maker of the Countours baby stroller, has created a stroller meant to give parents a glimpse into their baby’s stroller experience. The adult-sized stroller is an exact replica of the brand's Contours Bliss stroller, measuring over seven feet tall.
Photo: Courtesy of Contours Baby.
And you don’t have to be an NBA forward to push someone around in it — it comes with a slightly lower push bar, meaning that adults not only get to sit in it; they can ride around a bit, too.

Based on the reactions of the parents in the video, it looks like a pretty smooth ride. (Huffington Post)

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