This Ballet Set To Adele's "Love In The Dark" Will Break Your Heart

Do Adele songs sometimes make you cry? Us, too. But just when we thought we had gotten over being thrown into emotional tumult at the mere ring of the English singer's voice, this video showed up. Somebody get the Kleenex. This is not a drill.

Will B. Bell and dancers DJ Smart and Zola Williams created this gorgeous choreography, set to Adele's "Love In The Dark." We guarantee it will be the most beautiful thing you watch all day. (Okay, even if not, it will be up there in the top three, for sure.) These dancers are straight-up mesmerizing.
They've done this before, too, with Adele's "All I Ask." Spoiler: That was also impossibly beautiful and wrenching at the same darn time. We're dying over here.

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