The Moisturizer That Makes Hydrating Your Face Fun

Washing your face isn't exactly fun for anyone. Moisturizing is also up there on the chore list. Schlepping through your skin-care routine can often feel like a full-time job with no benefits. Well, consider Dr. Jart+'s new moisturizer your Obamacare savior. It will not only make you excited to drudge to the bathroom every morning, but you'll do it with a smile and a little pep in your step. The unique formula works like this: Once you begin rubbing the gel on your face, it instantly changes from a solid to tiny droplets of water. It's like a fun science experiment, and it requires minimal effort on your end. Gone are the days of baking-soda-and-vinegar volcanoes — this science-fair shit just got modern. Sung-Jae Jung, MD, a Dr. Jart+ dermatologist, explains that a water-drop emulsion system is what gives the product its cool factor. "The encapsulated droplets burst with the skin, giving you a refreshing boost of hydration without the actual heaviness of the typical hydrating moisturizers." And hydrate it does. And though the skin-care benefits of drinking H2O are still up for debate, rubbing it on never hurt anybody. It includes the moisturizing MVP hyaluronic acid, as well as green tea, which helps brighten the skin. It truly feels like air when being applied — a cloud, if you will. It's almost as if the product evaporates mid-swipe. It's hydrating without weighing down your skin, doesn't leave behind any sticky residue, and is light enough that you can apply SPF afterward. Since it does veer on the airy side, I'm hesitant to recommend this for those with drier skin, but it's a dream for the normal and oily types. As with most things in the beauty space, this product isn't new if you happen to live in South Korea (a.k.a. the skin-care mecca), as it has been on the market there for a while. But, this is the first time the U.S. market is getting a taste of this innovation. When you google this product, if words like "whitening" come up in place of "hydrating," don't be alarmed. As we've explained in the past, whitening is basically brightening in Asian beauty lingo. Dr. Jung says: "When we launch products in different countries, key words are changed as they hold different meanings culturally. To clarify, the product is for brightening dull skin, and it’s not changing the skin color in any way." So rest easy, skin-care buffs. Because taking care of your visage just got fun again. Dr. Jart+ Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer, $36, available at Sephora.

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