Rachael Leigh Cook's West Hollywood Home Is All That

Laney Boggs is all grown up and selling her house.

Rachael Leigh Cook, who played Boggs in '90s classic She’s All That, is about to say goodbye to an amazing four-bedroom, four-bathroom West Hollywood home.

Cook is still an extremely-hard-working actor. She finished three years on Perception at TNT and will soon star in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Her home will be going for the low-low price of $3.295 million, more than triple the $1.075 million she dropped on it in 1999.

The home is definitely well worth the price tag. Though it was built in 1936, it has aged like wine.

Three of the upstairs bedrooms have views of the city you’d kill for, as does a massive balcony. The fourth bedroom is in a detached guesthouse, which could serve as residence for your home staff or just as spare income if you wanted to go nuts and AirBnB the place. You’ll also love the green gardens, big patio, and massive spa. And, best part, a gate separates you from the Hollywood riff-raff. What are you waiting for? You’ve got your $3.295 million handy, right?

She’ll be moving — presumably — to the home she owns in Redondo Beach with her husband and two young children. But before she does, click ahead to get the full tour.

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