Don’t Worry, Your Favorite Gilmore Girls Bad Boy Is Still A “Troublemaker”

Photographer: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock.
Since learning that Selena Gomez has a sweet spot for bad boys, I'd venture to guess that her favorite character on Gilmore Girls was none other than beloved local leather-jacket-wearer, Jess Mariano. If you were also #TeamJess, then you're going to love the news Milo Ventimiglia just dished. Ventimiglia told E! that in the series reboot on Netflix, Jess will be back — and so will his rebellious swagger. "He pops back into Stars Hollow, and he kicks up dirt like he always does," the actor said, adding that Jess will do so "in a very nice cloud that will help other characters along in their life." So it sounds like this time around, Jess not only stirs up trouble, but also helps restore order to the town (...and to his relationship with Rory?!). But, deep down inside, this is the same guy — on- and off-screen. "I'm a troublemaker, as is Jess!" Ventimiglia joked. Of the show as a whole, he said that it's "classic Gilmore. It's back to the originals." Ventimiglia will appear in three of the reboot's four episodes, which each play more like mini-movies. So far, we know: Jess is still causing trouble, someone dies, and there will probably be a wedding. However, there is still no word on a premiere date.

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