New Photos Reveal The Gilmore Girls Revival Will Include A Funeral

Thanks to some very observant Gilmore Girls fans who were taking a tour of the Warner Bros. lot, we've learned that there will be a wedding on the upcoming revival. But another round of leaked photos may have also just revealed that there will also be a funeral in Stars Hollow.

Bustle reported that Kristi Carlson, the author of the cookbook Eat Like a Gilmore, posted a photo to Instagram on Tuesday that revealed the cast would be filming (potential spoiler alert!) Richard's funeral.

Carlson's photo would later be taken down. But, hours later, new behind-the-scenes photos would surface on Twitter that would seem to confirm that the show was in fact filming a funeral.

In one image featuring a black hearse, the user named Alison Maria wrote, "A little behind the scenes look at Gilmore Girls filming today in SoCal."

Another photo posted by Maria showed a setup in a cemetery: "Gilmore Girls filming what's thought to be Richard's funeral," but she was quick to admit in her hashtags "#notverified #icouldbewrong."
Sherman-Palladino and Netflix have yet to confirm rumors that they were filming Richard's funeral, but the creator has previously said the death of actor Edward Herrmann, who played Richard, will play an important part in the revival.

Particularly, for his wife, Emily, who is moving on with her life as a widow. Kelly Bishop, who plays Emily, told TVLine, that the first of the four 90-minute episodes is "Winter," which takes place "four months" after Richard's death.

Vox has guessed that the series will start with Richard's funeral, likely a flashback, which seems to fit the timeline Bishop has given. Vox also believes this is why unexpected characters, like Lorelai's ex-boyfriend Jason "Digger" Stiles, have signed on for the revival. While it did seem weird to think Digger would be back for the new episodes, having worked with Richard, it would make sense that he would attend his funeral.

While Richard's funeral will likely be a tearjerker for Gilmore Girls fans, Bishop did tell TVLine, Emily will be focused on finding a way to live without him.

“By the time you get to [Episode 4 aka ‘Fall’] a whole year will have passed," Bishop said. "And I know from my experience, that the first year [after losing a loved one] is awful. But when you hit that first year you start to emerge from it.”

Have the tissues close throughout the Gilmore Girls revival because it seems like you're definitely going to need them.

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