This Ingenious Mom Turned Her Son's Scar Into The Coolest Harry Potter Tribute Ever

Some moms make the boo-boos go away with one kiss, but, this mom used a marker to turn her son's boo-boo into an adorable Harry Potter tribute.

As Today reported, a clever mom on Imgur, who goes by the name mommybrittaney, saw how unhappy her son was about a deep scar he got on his forehead so she decided to take action.

As the slideshow images point out, she took a red Crayola marker and turned that gash into a lightning scar, just like Harry Potter had in the J.K. Rowling series.

Mommybrittaney would later explain that her son got the cut by jumping into a pile of laundry and hitting his head on a bed frame.

"He was so embarrassed about his scratch and didn't want to leave the house and be seen with it that dressing him up as Harry Potter was my first instinct," she wrote, later adding that she waited until the cut was healed until she drew the scar on.

As mommybrittaney made perfectly clear, "It's okay, mommy can fix this..." with just a little mommy magic and the perfect pair of black glasses.

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