What You Should Do The Next Time You Forget To Bring A Condom

The video above depicts a typical impromptu heterosexual hookup. The woman forgot to shave her legs, the guy's shirt buttons are impossible to undo, and, naturally, neither of them has a condom. You might expect to see some kind of conflict at this point in the story — maybe one convinces the other to have sex anyway, maybe they give up altogether. But that conflict never comes. Instead, the man simply goes across the street, buys condoms, and (we can only guess, since the tale ends there) the couple goes on to have their fun. That wasn't so hard, was it? This video is the first episode of the sex-positive web series F*CK YES, which is written, directed, and produced by an all-woman team. The creators behind these digital shorts aim to change how we think and talk about consent — by pointing out that it's actually something we get excited about. Consider this the sex ed you wish you had in high school. "Rather than making consent stressful — like, 'consent, or else!' — our goal of the series is to make getting affirmative consent a part of the sexual experience," writer and director Emily Best told Mashable. You may have seen the series promoted on social media with the hashtag #ConsentIsSexy. It's a common expression used in consent-driven sex-ed classes in high schools and colleges, and it's meant to remind people that asking for consent shouldn't feel awkward or not sexy. Conversations about consent shouldn't ruin the mood; they should get you excited about what you're about to do. Need proof? Watch F*CK YES. This episode, entitled "Protection," is the only one available online at the moment (future episodes will cover topics like teen sex, couples watching porn, and lesbians experimenting with penetration). While we look forward to seeing how F*CK YES handles these issues, we're already happy with the message that "Protection" sends: If you need a condom, go out and buy a condom. Simple as that.

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