Serena Williams Eats Dog Food, Like, On Purpose

The list of things that Serena Williams and Carly Fiorina have in common is not a super long one. But definitely at the top of it is that both women have, of their own volition, eaten dog food and broadcast it. On purpose. To people.

Carly Fiorina did so as part of a campaign video that sticks out even in this bonkers election cycle. We guess she did it to seem more relatable. Shout out to her.

Serena Williams’ incident was perhaps more understandable. She orders food from a menu that looks better than like 75% of human brunches. The food arrives and the drama builds.

"Before you judge me, look at it," she says. To her point, it’s very pretty dog food. She eats the dog food, which in her defense was accompanied by a spoon. Still: dog food.

Williams gets sick enough to faint. She notes, at the end of the video: "If you are human, do not eat. It makes you shit."

Ok, we were going to avoid eating it because it’s dog food. But yeah the pooping thing seems bad too. Watch the whole sordid tale below.


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