Taylor Swift Just Accepted The Taylor Swift Award

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Wouldn't it be great if we could all get awards just for being ourselves? Well, apparently, that's only possible if you're Taylor Swift.

At the 64th annual BMI Pop Awards Tuesday night, the Taylor Swift Award went to Taylor Swift, as one might expect. When an award is named after you, nobody else really stands a chance, do they?

Apparently, the possibility of someone else winning it struck her, though. “I’m really super relieved that BMI decided to give me the Taylor Swift award, because if they had [chosen] somebody else to give the Taylor Swift award to, I’d be, like, kind of bummed about it,” she said at the ceremony.

“Taylor Swift has transformed pop culture through her songs, artistry and indomitable spirit," BMI Vice President of Writer/Publisher Relations Barbara Cane said in a statement last month, when BMI announced it would be giving out the award. "We felt it appropriate to award Taylor with an honor that is as unique and special as she is.”

T-Swift did, after all, make the most money of any musician in 2015. Not to mention, her style is on point.

BMI created an award called The Taylor Swift Award because BMI is very very nice 😘

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The only other BMI Pop Award of this variety was the Michael Jackson Award, which went to — wait for it — Michael Jackson.

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