Reese's #CupFusion Would Make All Of Our Candy Dreams Come True

There’s nothing quite like the combination of peanut butter and chocolate, and no one understands that more than the people at Reese’s. For almost 90 years, the company has been bringing us the best PB&C products, from Cups to Pieces. But now, it's really stepping up the choco-nut game by combining these classic favorites in the rumored Cup Fusion product.

Representatives from The Hershey Company have not officially confirmed the rumors of this Cup-Pieces hybrid candy, but they have been using Facebook to tease loyal Reese’s customers.
Before all the teasing appeared on the Reese’s Facebook page, a photo was leaked of the new product’s packaging, along with a potential July release date.
A spokesperson told Eater, "Guess you've heard about the #Cupfusion. A leaked photo on Facebook of a potential new Reese's Cup filled with Reese's Pieces has led to a social explosion filled with conversation and speculation online." If all that speculation is true, it would mean Reese's lovers will never again have to make that impossibly difficult choice of Pieces versus Cup again. Until then, we guess we'll just have to alternate bites of the two.

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