Snow White Finds Her Prince Charming In This 2-Year-Old Autistic Boy

It's not unusual to see little kids excited to see characters at Disney World, but for one little boy named Jack, it is. As Mashable reported, Jack's mom, Amanda Coley, posted a video to YouTube of her two-year-old son falling in love with Snow White on a recent trip to the Florida theme park. "He was having nothing to do with any of the characters," Coley wrote in the caption of the video. "You see, he has autism and is non-verbal."
Coley explained that Jack, or Jack Jack as she calls him, "is on the shy side with people he does not know." But there was something about Snow White that just clicked for him. In the clip, you see the little boy laying his head on Snow White's lap and looking up at her with a big smile. It was enough to bring his mother to tears. "I must have cried 1,000 tears watching his interaction with her," Coley wrote. 'He was in love." Coley told Mashable that since they returned from their Disney trip, Jack still watches his first meeting with Snow White, signing "more" after it finishes. "We watched it 18 times in a row the other day," Coley said. "It seems to really put him in a calm state. He is so settled and happy to watch it." Sorry Prince Charming, but it seems Snow White has a new (little) man in her life.

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