Moms & Daughters Pick Tattoos For Each Other & It’s The Sweetest Thing Ever

Would you let your mom pick out a tattoo for you? Even better, would your mom let you pick out a tattoo for her?

posed this very question to a bunch of moms and daughters who were brave enough to say yes. And let's be clear here, the other party did not know what tattoo was chosen for them, they're just getting it sight unseen, which is definitely a sign of trust. But, as you will quickly see in this video, neither mom or daughter had anything to worry about.
These mother daughter duos made sure the ink they were getting and giving was nothing but sentimental. One mom named Angie designed a kiss print tattoo for her daughter Maycie telling the tattoo artist, that she would leave a lipstick mark on her daughter's cheek every morning as she went off to school. Maycie chose a rainbow with the word "somewhere" above it in honor of her mom's Wizard Of Oz sing-alongs. "Every time we were driving and that "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" song came on we'd be belting it out," Maycie said. "Like anytime I hear that song, I think of my mom. And I think of those memories." Definitely grab the tissues before watching this one. And maybe call your mom and ask if she wants to get a tattoo with you.

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