The Oreo Bagel Is Your New Food Obsession

The Oreo bagel joins in the grand tradition of just straight-up eating dessert for breakfast. This tradition includes waffles, Cookie Crisp cereal, and chocolate chip pancakes. But the Oreo bagel, properly called the Oreo Overload, takes the cake.

The bagel is the product of New Jersey’s The Bagel Nook, which looks at your rainbow bagel and sneers.

Look at the Oreo Overload. There’s like five different kinds of Oreos involved. That’s so many more Oreos than the typical bagel, which usually has zero Oreos. Although if you think about it, the Oreo itself is a kind of bagel. A cookie bagel, if you will.


It’s mere existence is a testament to a higher power.

So I guess it’s time to… go to Freehold, New Jersey. Does that feel as weird to read as it does to type?

oreo bagel with Nutella cream cheese are what dreams are made of @the_bagel_nook #sweetsandsunsets @sweetsandsunsets

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