Law & Order: SVU Is About To Take On The Bachelor

Photo: Jason Bell/NBC.
The Wednesday, May 11 episode of Law & Order: SVU features a reality dating show gone awry — and the scenario looks a hell of a lot like The Bachelor.

According to the preview for the episode, titled "Assaulting Reality," Olivia Benson investigates a case of sexual assault on a dating show called Heart's Desire. On the show, a man goes on dates with two contestants. After a date with Melanie the token virgin (perhaps inspired by The Bachelor's Becca?), the couple heads to the Dream Suite, which sounds uncannily similar to the actual show's Fantasy Suite. Then, she accuses him on-air of raping her.

The show's star, Ryan, conveniently defends himself by claiming, "That was part of the script."

Pretty Little Liars
' Larisa Oleynik makes a guest appearance as a producer who helps with the investigation.

This plot line poses an interesting question: To what extent does reality TV actually reflect reality? The answer, of course, becomes all the more meaningful when a crime enters the picture.

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