Cook Like Gordon Ramsay With His 10 Kitchen Tricks

Oh, Gordon Ramsay. We may never agree on Girl Scout cookies, but our love for him knows no bounds. Maybe it’s because, when he’s not yelling or cursing, he’s most likely getting really, really excited about food. When he’s gleefully trying a dish on Hell’s Kitchen, or sharing his favorite technique for dicing herbs, we know that deep down, he’s a total softy.
Just watch how excited he is to share these useful cooking tips in his new video.
First off, not only has he changed how we will chop herbs for life, but he’s also totally changed how we think of bell peppers — he practically writes a love letter to them. We’ll be picking some up after work (and slicing them the correct way, thank you very much). We could watch Chef Ramsay’s cooking tips all day.
Or maybe it’s just the English accent that makes us love him, no matter what. Anyway, we know you’d never yell at us. Right, Chef? (Foodbeast)

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