Calvin Harris Is Letting Women Into His Show For Nearly Half The Price

Finally, something we can use our special woman card for.

Especially those of you who happen to be in Vegas this month and interested in attending a Calvin Harris show. The DJ — and beau of Taylor Swift — has a very peculiar deal going on right now.

Tickets for his upcoming shows in Las Vegas at Omnia Nightclub cost $75 for males, but only $40 for females.

If a guy also wants to get a $100 bar card, that would set him back $150. For a woman to do the same, it would be a more manageable $115.

Tickets for a show this weekend, on May 6, are already sold out for women ($50), but men can still get tickets (over $100) on the venue's site. The spike in price is quite steep.

The site explains the nightclub's apparent reason for the gendered pricing with a disclaimer — "Disclaimer: In order to benefit from our flexible check-in and transfer policy. MALE and FEMALE tickets have to be purchased separately for the same per ticket service fee." I guess it's been a problem in the past having everyone pay the same price for tickets? Or maybe the pricing is to promote more groups of women showing up together, à la Swift's #squad.

After clicking around on the website and seeing other upcoming shows put on by the same Hakkasan nightclub group, it appears Harris' show is the only one with the differently priced items.

Looks like it's a good day to be a woman and love Calvin Harris. But still, we're not into double standards, even if it means we get cheaper access to cool events.

For now, we'll just blame it on the night.

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