You Guys, Our Worst Jon Snow Fear Is Officially Being Realized

Photo: HBO.
Remember that time that HBO teased us about Jon Snow being dead? Well, that may not have come to pass. (You cheeky cable network, you.) But apparently, another one of our great worries is making its way down the pipeline. You guys: Jon Snow's hair is about to change. We know. The coif! How could it be? Why? It's perfect! Well, it turns out that when he cut it off at the end of last season, it was all about guiding fans away from the scent of his return. "I wanted to sell [the story that he was leaving the series] a bit more,” Harington told Entertainment Weekly. “I know this hairstyle. This haircut is very synonymous with the show. I know in the past I’d said I’d cut it off when I can. I wanted to appear with shorter hair straight away, so it would sell the lie.” Lie sold. As for this season so far: He's been wearing extensions — that's what Melisandre was chopping off during Sunday night's resurrection scene. But it's about to get even shorter. "Nobody’s noticed I’ve had short hair,” Harington explained. “We’ve chopped most of it off and people were like, ‘Oh look, he’s still got long hair.’ So, that didn’t work as well.” Also of note: We might finally get to see that man bun. But we are not distracted or mollified! Let the record show that we remain staunchly on team #flowingtresses.

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