Quiz: Which TV Mother-Daughter Relationship Is You & YOUR Mother?

We all identify with fictional characters. It's why you and your friends were each assigned a Disney Princess or a Sailor Scout in middle school. So why not take a closer look at which mother-daughter pairs on screen remind you of you and your mom?
Are you and your mom super close, with obvious parallels to TVs warmest (though not the most functional) mom and daughter, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore? Or is your loving but strained rapport closer to Lorelai and Emily? Can you see rooming with your mom, à la Dorothy and Sophia on Golden Girls? Or do you just want to escape the current close-quarters living arrangement you have with her?

It's time for you and your mom to find your small screen doppelgängers. Or at least figure out which show you should spend next weekend watching together.

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