Dancers Are Accusing Beyoncé Of Stealing Choreography

Beyoncé's Lemonade is an incredible conceptual and visual feat. And her Formation World Tour already looks like it's living up to our wildest dreams. Of course all that impressive work wasn't done solely by Beyoncé. The list of collaborators and contributors on Lemonade reaches over 40, with one song, "Hold Up," containing 17 credits on its own. The singer and performer seems quick to credit anyone who contributes to one of her creative projects. But some disagree. One choreographer, Marlyn Oritz, who's danced in shows with Fuerza Bruta, an immersive Cirque du Soleil meets Stomp theatrical group, has posted a lengthy Instagram post accusing Beyoncé's of lifting dance moves from the troupe's show De La Guarda.
The dancer wrote: "I'm sorry I don't bash artist! But I respect fellow creative artist...and don't like to use social media to promote some thing that can be perceived as negativity... BUT @beyonce you have the nerve to steal exact concepts n choreography from other real creative genius.. You stole from @breakingsurface you stole the stomping from #delaguarda @fuerzabrutanyc it's ok to be inspired but at least make the effort to make it your own.. Also @crazyhorseparis_official the saddle scene!! Let's keep it real people!!! #hideyourideas #hideyoureightcount #hideyourwater #hideallfrombeyonce #respectartist #breakingsurface #fuerzabrutanyc #delaguarda @gwynethlarsen @wmulholland AND PROPS TO MY FRIENDS THAT DID THE AERIAL!! Thanks @craigsmithnyc for the edit! Loll" One commenter, who's also a dancer and goes by the username Cuchira, agreed and wrote, "@little_mix_vocals_harmonies yup exactly the same to the tee. I have home footage of me performing it on off broadway. But it's also all over the web because De La Guarda was a huge successful off broadway show We were at the Daryl Roth theatre in union sq. for a VERY long time running. Just google "de la Guarda". It's unfortunate she doesn't use her fame to bring love and attention to artists. As artists it's important to respect each other and share. Much love." It's likely that Beyoncé's choreography team pulled moves from videos or performances they once saw. But, as another commenter on the post pointed out, Beyoncé has a bit of a history with the choreography used by Fuerza Bruta. In a Page Six story from December 2009, the paper reports that "Beyoncé took the interactive vibe of 'Fuerza Bruta: Look Up' to heart Saturday night, trying to learn the choreography during the high-energy dance spectacle’s 'murga' section, where dancers stomp on large platforms." So it does sound like Beyoncé is at least familiar with the dance moves that were later incorporated into her tour choreography. Starting around five minutes into the video from 2009, you can see the similar dance move in question. The screaming sequence is nearly identical, without the costumes of course.
Unfortunately, this is not the first time Beyoncé has been accused of copping others' choreography. The Singer was previously accused of copying the choreography, costumes, and scenes for her "Countdown" music video from another choreographer.
She also was accused of taking ideas from Italian performer Lorella Cuccarini. Beyoncé later admitted to having seeing videos of Cuccarini and did acknowledge her as a major source of inspiration.
Feedback from viewers on most of the above videos and pictures consistently brings up the same point: Artists are naturally going to take inspiration from other artists, dancers, and choreographers, but being such a famous and iconic performer, Beyoncé should acknowledge the origin of the moves.
Oritz clarified her stance in a comment replying to another user. She wrote, "@hezzahez I just want say that This is Not a bashing of Beyoncé , I enjoy her music and her talent as a singer/ entertainer... She is a fierce woman! I just like to defend and credit the little guys.. Who create these amazing shows like #delaguarda and#FuerzaBruta That I had the honor To performer in for manny yrs." The Formation Tour just kicked off this week, so there's time for Beyoncé to make things right if the allegations are true. But with the constant sharing of information in the age of social media, it's more difficult than ever to come up with purely original ideas. To avoid future claims, she may want to be extra careful about giving credit where credit is due — or make sure moves are uniquely her own. The Beyhive has yet to weigh in on the accusations.

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