Kylie Jenner Decides That Her Juice Cleanse Isn’t Worth It

Photo: Steve Granitz/Getty Images.
Kylie Jenner, committed selfie-taker (among other things), did something yesterday to prove she really does have a good head on her shoulders: She started a juice cleanse — and then promptly quit. Only a few hours after announcing her new diet over Snapchat, Jenner posted another video to tell her followers that she was starting to crack. "I'm really not a quitter, guys, but I think we might eat sushi," she said, rolling her eyes. And then, lo and behold, Jenner was photographed that same day outside of Sugarfish, a trendy sushi eatery in Calabasas, CA.
Of course, had we been there (and if Jenner would start returning our texts), we would have told her to not even bother. Cleanses and other "detox diets" are pretty much always doomed to fail. There's no evidence that they do your body any good; in fact, they often lead to a bunch of nasty symptoms, like headaches and dizziness and a loss of muscle mass. Thanks to your liver and kidneys, you already have a built-in system that works to your body on the daily. So, no, Kyles, you're not a quitter. Actually, you're pretty darn smart for abandoning your cleanse as quickly as you did. See you next time at Sugarfish?

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