This Major Model Doesn’t Really Do Social Media — Here’s Why

Photo: Courtesy of H&M.
To become a successful model these days, one musn't rest on their laurels. It takes courage, an open mind, and typically, an impressive social media following. Today, it's just as easy to get discovered on Instagram as, say, submitting your photos to an agency with the rest of them. But German model Anna Ewers is doing things quite differently from her Insta-obsessed runway peers.
Ewers, who stars in H&M's latest campaign, entitled Forever Summer, proves an old-school state of mind works just fine. "Social media has become a key component to this industry. I try to keep my personal life more private," Ewers told Refinery29.
The model does, indeed, have an Instagram account, with a follower count of 169K — certainly respectable (albeit not in the stratosphere of Kendall or Gigi's multi-millions). But Ewers pretty much only posts pics from shoots she's starred in and wanderlust-inducing travel shots. "I’m lucky to be able to travel all over the world and have the opportunity to share those experiences and the places I visit through my eyes," she said.
Ewers has a very successful modeling industry muse for how to succeed without sharing everything (or, rather, much of anything) with the world: Kate Moss. Ewers identifies with Moss when it comes to being in the public eye, and specifically, staying off social media, at least to some extent.
"She's never given a lot of interviews. She stays so mysterious. Nobody knows who she is, really," Ewers told The Independent. And perhaps, she is right. The supermodels that ruled the industry long before her time maintained successful careers without rebranding themselves, so why not maintain a bit of mystery?
In the slideshow ahead, Ewers frolics on a beach in Mexico, showcasing H&M's fresh offerings for summer with fellow models Andreea Diaconu and Imaan Hammam. "Working together with friends on the beach is always a best-case scenario," Ewers said of the shoot. Following the FOMO session, check out Ewers' favorite pieces from H&M summery offerings.

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