Is This An Amazing Reference To Vintage Beyoncé In Lemonade?

As a musician, Beyoncé has evolved a lot since Dangerously In Love was released in 2003. But thanks to one eagle-eyed Twitter user, it seems like she's honoring that debut solo album in Lemonade. A girl in the video for "Hold Up" wears a shirt that features a woman in the exact same pose Beyoncé strikes on the Dangerously In Love album cover. Sure, the outfit isn't exactly the same as Beyoncé's bejeweled top, but the stance is a perfect match. Twitter user @GeezusSays pointed out the apparent homage, which was later picked up by BuzzFeed.
Okay, so the shirt could be pure coincidence, but does anything really slip past Bey? Yeah, we don't think so, either. You can catch the shirt about seven minutes and 40 seconds into the Lemonade film. The girl shows up right after Beyoncé bashes a fire hydrant with a baseball bat, letting water spray into the sky. A group of kids come rushing towards her to play in the water. And, of course, you can read a lot into the Dangerously In Love reference if you so wish. During that period, Beyoncé and Jay Z were "Crazy In Love." Now, she's alluding to his cheating.

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