Nearly Every Performance In A Garry Marshall Holiday Movie, Ranked By Effort

Mother's Day — the latest star-packed, holiday-themed extravaganza from director Garry Marshall — makes Valentine's Day and, heck, even New Year's Eve look good. The movie, which comes out today, is an orange-hued daydream out of an athleisure catalogue. It centers on four women (Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts, and Britt Robertson) and one widower (Jason Sudeikis) as Mother's Day approaches. In this universe, people plan and fret about the occasion as if it were a religious holiday.
Mother's Day is not quite as stuffed with famous faces as the two preceding movies, but it compensates for its slight deficit of celebs with a lamer script, some casual racism, and shades of Nicholas Sparks. Not that Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve are Oscar-worthy movies. Those two are pretty blatant, fumbled attempts at some Love Actually magic.
But the guarantee of lukewarm reviews has not stopped A-list stars from signing on to a Marshall vehicle. Have you been on a hit TV show? Won an Oscar? Appeared on a People magazine cover? Yeah, you've probably partied with Marshall.
So to commemorate the completion — we hope — of this trilogy, we are ranking the performances of the stars in them. We are not, however, judging by quality. Instead, we're considering how much effort the actors put into their work in the movie (or whether he or she is just phoning it in). Click through to see how everyone fares. We kick off with those we think couldn't have cared less.