These Two Kittens Named Shrek & Smurf Will Give You All The Feels

This is the story of Shrek and Smurf, two kittens who were dropped off at a local animal shelter in England with fur that was colored in permanent marker. Don't worry, though, this tale has a happy ending. The staff at a cat shelter in Bradford, West Yorkshire, posted photos of the two kittens on Facebook this past Monday. The white portions of their black-and-white fur was colored in green and blue marker. "Here at BCWR KITTENS we often consider ourselves to be unshockable..... we have dealt with most situations but this is a first," the staff shared.
One staffer named Katie Jane called it a "dreadful act of cruelty," and said she still doesn't know what "untelling damage this may have caused" to the 4- to 5-week-old kittens. The concern was that the permanent ink might poison the young cats, who after multiple baths were still covered in ink. Jane says they have consulted a veterinarian on how to remove the ink safely.

reports that the police who dropped the kittens off at the shelter for care had no further information on who may have done this to the cats. The shelter later told the BBC that children were not believed to be responsible. But, in an update on Wednesday, Jane had some good news to share about the condition of Shrek and Smurf. "We have been nursing these kittens for the last 36 hours and they are now much brighter... in personality," she wrote on Facebook. "The colour is fading and they are now taking their feeds well." As you can see for yourself, the ink has started to fade, which means these little guys' names will soon be far less sad and just simply adorable.

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