Jazmine Sullivan’s Latest Video Sends A Powerful Message About Self-Love

Jazmine Sullivan was one of four plus-size women to appear on the cover of Ebony's barrier-breaking March issue. Now, the Grammy nominee is continuing to spread the same body-positive message through her music. For her song Masterpiece, she created the video in partnership with Bkstg, a platform for fans and artists to connect directly. "A lot of people who hear the song are very affected by it," she told us, probably thanks to the song's anthemic, love-yourself-the-way-you-are vibe. As the song's title might suggest, it's about seeing yourself as a work of art, no matter what anyone else says. In the video, Sullivan says in a voiceover, "Women who look like me may not be the most popular, but we still are beautiful... We deserve to be represented, and we deserve to be acknowledged." We spoke with Sullivan about how it feels to fight for that representation, and how to push yourself toward self-love. Check out our conversation below — and don't miss her breathtaking video for Masterpiece above.
How did you feel while filming the video?
"I’m always nervous when it comes to being filmed... I have my own insecurities, like every other woman, but I felt that it was necessary to show [myself] in this way and to show the curvy woman’s body in this way, [in order] for it to be celebrated. Of course, I was nervous at first, but I was very happy that we did it and it came out so well." How would you describe the song’s message?
"[It's about] the process of self-love. That’s very real for me, and that’s been part of my journey — and still is. It always will be. You have to love yourself first in order for anybody else to love you. It’s all about your own personal journey with yourself." Was there a time in your life when you especially loved your body?
"I feel most comfortable when I know I’m taking care of my body — when I’m working out and I’m eating right. I’m just starting that journey again now, so I’m feeling pretty good, but maybe four or five years ago, I was really taking care of myself. I was never a thin girl, nor was I trying to be, but I was healthy." How do you feel when you’re on the beach, in a swimsuit?
"Oh, I haven’t been on the beach in a swimsuit in a long time (laughs). This is all very real for me in my personal journey. For a while, I was staying away from anything that required me wearing very little clothes (laughs). But, now that I’m starting to work out and take better care of myself and my body, I’ll probably be at the beach pretty soon." What made you want to return to these self-care habits?
"I just woke up one day and decided that I want to be more healthy. I’m very proud of what’s going on now and the message that I’m sending to women to love themselves, and to the industry to celebrate full-figured women. I know personally that I could be a better version of myself, so that’s what I’m working on." What is your go-to piece of self-confidence advice?
"It’s not so much about physical beauty — or it shouldn’t be. It’s more about who you are as a person on the inside. That’s what you should really focus on. That’s where the beauty starts and that’s where it’ll shine from... It’s a process. I’m like every other woman. I go up and down in my weight. I think I look great sometimes, sometimes I don’t, but it’s all a part of the journey of life. You just have to go through it."

It's your body. It's your summer. Enjoy them both.
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