A New Brand Of Gin Claims To Stop Your Skin From Aging

Photo: Getty Images.
Now, you can reverse the aging process while enjoying happy hour — or at least that's what the makers of a new alcoholic beverage are claiming. The 40%-proof gin, known as Anti-a Gin (get it?), is distilled with pure collagen. It also contains chamomile, tea tree, and other ingredients thought to help preserve young-looking skin. "By including a host of age-defying botanicals and combining them with drinkable collagen, this is the alcoholic equivalent of a facial," the concoction's drinksupermarket.com page reads. But wait — is there any science behind this? According to a study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology earlier this year, people who take daily collagen supplements do, in fact, have more hydrated and less aged skin. Whether or not these benefits can be transmitted in gin form has yet to be studied. If you want to be a guinea pig, though, you can order Anti-a Gin online for £34.99 (that's $39.25). If nothing else, the mix of ingredients could make for an intriguing cocktail.

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