This Is Why Ruby Rose Will Never Like Being Called An “It Girl”

Photo: Andreas Branch/Variety/REX/Shutterstock.
For Ruby Rose, nothing is worse than being called an "It Girl." The Orange Is the New Black actress told Galore that while the term given to up-and-coming female stars is supposed to be a compliment, it's actually a bad sign of what's to come. "The funny thing about being called an 'It Girl' is, well, it's the kiss of death. You know what I mean?" Rose said. "It’s like being 'in.' Anything that’s 'in fashion' ultimately goes out of fashion." As Rose explained, it's only a matter of time before there's a new It Girl on the block — one who isn't you. "I thought, 'Oh, God. How long is this going to last before somebody else is the new It Girl?'" Rose said. "Not because I was worried I’d be left behind, but because I wanted someone else to hurry up so people would stop calling me that." Rose also believes she's past that stage of being a new face. She's no longer the ingenue just starting her career, she's proven herself. Rose even joked that at 30, she's happy to have people say she looks like Justin Bieber, since he's just 21 years old. "Honestly, it’s such a compliment," she said. According to the actress, It Girls often burn out quickly because they seem to be everywhere. Rose has tried to do the exact opposite, which seems to have paid off. "It’s a matter of being comfortable not being everywhere for however long it takes to create new art, and [promoting things] that you are proud of, like working on your craft and new skills, and working your ass off while being quiet publicly," she said. "Not just existing to be popular. You don’t want people to get sick of you, so it’s good to be able to appear and disappear." One place she doesn't seem to be able to disappear from is Tumblr, where fans love posting photos of her and proclaiming their love. While she appreciates the support, she does want to set the record straight on having the reputation for being able to turn straight women gay. "When people say to me that I turned them gay, I just laugh, because that’s not really even a possibility," she said. "It sounds like I did something against their will in the middle of the night, as if I crept into their brain and pushed the gay button, then did an evil laugh and left them to fend for themselves — newly gay and alone in the world." So, no she can't turn straight women gay. But she does think a woman can have a crush on her and not necessarily be a lesbian — just as Rose says she can have a crush on Channing Tatum in Magic Mike and not want to date a man. "I’m one of those people who feels that everybody is somewhere on the spectrum," Rose said. "I don’t think it needs to be labeled — love is about the person."

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