The One Place Where Thin Mints Aren’t The Top Girl Scout Cookie

Illustrated by Elliot Salazar.
It shouldn't be hard to guess the country's favorite Girl Scout Cookie. Gordon Ramsay may have called them, "cheap, half-rate dinner mints," but there's really no denying Thin Mints are delicious. Just ask pretty much all of America. No, seriously. According to the Girl Scouts' internal data, the cookies are the top-seller year after year. In fact, when we reached out to the Girl Scouts' public relations firm to ask if they could break down their cookies sales by region, it was completely unnecessary. Why? Because Thin Mints tend to reign supreme nearly every single time. What is interesting, however, is the one region where the chocolate-mint flavor isn't the single most popular cookie. As the map above shows, while the Northwest, the Midwest, and the Northeast all chow down on the classic favorite, the Southeast is busy ordering its weight in Caramel deLites. (Caramel deLites are also known as Samoas). However, it's important to note that Caramel deLites actually tie with Thin Mints for the top selling variety there. So, we can still technically state that there's no region with a preference for any other flavor.
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