Alexander Skarsgård Skips Pants When Presenting At The MTV Movie Awards, As You Do

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.
There's a lot of pressure riding on presenting at the Contractually Obligated Film Promotional Tour Stop Awards, better known as the MTV Movie Awards. Say you're a hot young actor who's got a big summer blockbuster coming out. You want to do something that'll get you noticed. Maybe pull some kind of stunt that'll make you stand out from the pack of other hot young things with summer blockbusters coming out.
Well, if you're Alexander Skarsgård, you realize that Zac Efron already beat you to the shirtless punch. It kind of sucks, because as everyone has pointed out, Skarsgård packed on about 18 additional abdominal muscles to play the king of the jungle in The Legend of Tarzan. The Wrap even goes so far as to call them "jungle abs," which I'm not sure are a thing that exists. Seriously, what are jungle abs? Although, if they weren't a thing before, I guarantee you that a gym somewhere is currently working on a class where you can get them.
Anyway, let us not be distracted by Tarzan's mighty eight pack, because it was not on display (as so many internet headlines would say) at tonight's MTV Movie Awards. Skarsgård kept his abs tucked away because, as he noted, Zac Efron came out shirtless at these very same awards a few years ago. He couldn't repeat Efron's topless antics — what a snoozefest that would be. We would never want to gaze upon the muscled torso of a completely different actor. The abject horror of it all. How tired...what a bore!
So, Skarsgård thought to himself, What other item of clothing can I come out sans in order to make people remember me and the movie I'm here to promote? Ah yes, pants! I can walk out to award Star Wars: The Force Awakens Movie of the Year with no pants on!"
And he did. And it was good.

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