Adele Brought One Of Her Doppelgängers Onstage For A Selfie

Photo: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images.
Adele continues to slay every concert with not only her booming voice, but also her memorable on-stage antics. Earlier this month, she twerked, and then last night, on March 30, she brought a fan on stage to take a selfie. But it wasn't just any fan — it was a fan that also happened to look eerily like her.

The fan, Emily Bamforth, was in the audience of the singer's Birmingham show when her fiancé, Tom, tweeted a picture of her standing in front of a picture of Adele, and pointed out how similar the two look.

It appears that the two had seats pretty close to the front row because in a matter of hours Tom was posting the selfie of Adele and his fiancé.
Fierce, Adele(s.)

Bamforth also has videos of herself on YouTube from 2012 showing viewers how to achieve an Adele-inspired beauty look. It's clear she was a superfan, and being plucked from the crowd to be on-stage with the singer must have been a dream come true. It"made my fiancés night," her boyfriend said in a tweet, adding, that the experience "was out of this world."

Talk about an entertaining concert.

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