The Star Of Everybody Wants Some!! Talks “Average” Cocks & The Art Of Picking Up Chicks

In Richard Linklater’s new movie Everybody Wants Some!!, much male energy is spent picking up women. The joyful, '80s-set movie (which opens in limited release March 30) is the "spiritual sequel" to Dazed and Confused, dropping in on baseball players at a Texas college during the three days before classes start. Libidos run wild.
One of the teammates, Finnegan (Glen Powell), has an interesting pickup technique: He attempts to charm the ladies by humble-bragging about his “average cock.” (Perhaps not an inaccurate assumption on his part.) What could be incredibly off-putting comes off as weirdly charming.
That’s a credit to Powell, 27, who you might recognize as the obnoxious Chad Radwell on Scream Queens. As the mustachioed Finn — the 'stache was real, the shag was not — Powell steals the movie so consistently that he may have you thinking of a certain actor from Dazed and Confused: Matthew McConaughey.
“I think Finn’s an original guy,” Powell tells me during a recent phone interview. “I’ve never seen that before. Why would a guy say that to a girl? But it’s original and obviously it works.” Wait...does it really, in real life? “You know, I’ve never tried that line,” he says. “I think my girlfriend would probably be a little upset if I tried that.”
Powell happens to be calling me from a car in Phoenix, packed in with his co-stars Wyatt Russell, J. Quinton Johnson, and Forrest Vickery. So I follow up: Have any of them tried the "average cock" line? “We could try it live if you want,” Powell suggests. “We’re literally pulling up to the hotel right now. We could walk up to the bar and you could live-hear one of these guys attempt it.” Alas, our interview ended before I could bear witness to this sociological experiment.
In any case, Powell believes that the line represents the “magic” of a Linklater movie, in this case, one that invites us to listen in on a close-knit community of male athletes on the prowl. And so, in the following slides, Powell walks us through four key factors in the timeless art of seduction, according to Everybody Wants Some!!
Correction: An earlier version of this story misquoted Powell's character. He describes his member as "average," not "average-sized."

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